The Year in Recipes and Photos

One of the benefits of being the photo editor for Edible Long Island is getting to photograph and taste the many delicious recipes! It’s been a very seasonally inspired and creative year for food and drink. With recipes from highly talented award-winning chefs, mixologists, home cooks and writers, it’s hard to pick one standout; so, here is a best of the best round up of recipes from 2013. Enjoy!

Tullulah’s in Bay Shore Anti Appletini. The dehydrated apple garnish and grated nutmeg really man’d up what was considered a ladies-night drink.
Tullulah's Anti-Appletini

You can’t beat steamed local clams, but with these toppings made by Miss Amy of Miss Amy’s Preserves, you might skip the butter.Steamed clams with tomato salsa and sauteed vegetable and bacon

Jay Jajeda’s curried eggplant recipe was visually challenging to shoot but, oh, the taste! Get your own.Jay Jadeja's recipe for roasted curried eggplant.

Guy Reuge really has an aura of greatness about him, this recipe was not fussy and all about fresh, local ingredients; one of the most visually stunning plates I photographed by far. Oh, and the duck prosciutto was pretty remarkable.Guy Reuge's recipe for Duck Egg 'Breakfast at Dinnertime"

Hendrick’s Tavern is the real deal. The classic steakhouse vibe and dark paneled walls beckon you to order a really good drink. I would put on a jacket if I made this corn-based whiskey cocktail at home.Five Points cocktail from Hendricks Tavern in Rosyln.

Who’s cooler then Tom Schaudel? This was a really yummy shoot and a hip way to rethink lobster, minus the bib. I’d still rather go to Jewel and have him make it for me though, let’s go!Tom Schaudel's recipe for Mango BBQ Lobster with purple potatoes

Grilled corn is always a backyard barbecue staple, but now that I’ve tried it slathered with cotija cheese and chili mayo, there will be no other way to serve it.Griiled 'Mexican Street" Corn.

Mint! Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport grows their own onsite in a raised garden bed. Summer cocktails never tasted fresher. This one went down too easy. Clever name, too.Grey Horse Tavern's 'Fae Done Away' cocktail.

A wild excursion and ambitious location shoot was worth it when I tasted the final result. A really flavorful good honest stew that celebrates the return of the Blue Point Oyster!Ingredients for Great South Bay Oyster Stew.

Long Island peaches are hard to resist when in season; they don’t need much. This simple. elegant dessert was a beauty to shoot and enjoy afterward paired with a glass of Wölffer Rosé.Fresh Peach Tartlet made with local peaches.

Prime is one of those jaw-dropping places that makes you feel special the minute you walk in. Photographer Matt Furman captured the classy Huntington vibe and this festive drink. Another? Yes, please.

Photo by Matt Furman

Photo by Matt Furman