A Sanity-Saving Outing at Freeport’s Nautical Mile

Two Cousin's Fish Market

We all love when the little ones are off school for the holidays, except when they start waking us up at ungodly hours (the morning after we’ve been up late enjoying a bit of grown-up holiday cheer in a glass), or when a tiny but critical piece of a brand-new toy gets stuck under the refrigerator or when they start tormenting one another and therefore torment us. Then we start looking at the calendar and wondering when for-the-love-of-God school opens again and things get back to normal.

May I suggest a wonderful outing that helps you get things done, that the kids will love and involves local food? A trip to Freeport’s Nautical Mile and Two Cousin’s Fish Market will stop the spiral into madness. You will love it for the 100 or so species of edible marine life they carry, the high quality and freshness, the many local offerings (ask about the black fish) and that you can ask them to point out sustainable choices. Take the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch wallet list with you, as we do, and they will be very obliging.


You will also love that the kids can peer into tanks full of enormous live lobster, snappy blue crabs and slithery eels while you shop. My son is at the moment an aspiring marine biologist, which doesn’t stop him from eating seafood; he likes it at the top of the food chain. The helpful staff is always happy to take a moment to pull out a live animal for him to examine and touch. He also loves to watch the guys in the back cleaning the fish, a free show and, for us, a spectator sport.

On nice days walk up and down the Nautical Mile; on nasty days, jump into the nearest open restaurant and grab a cup of chowder. We stopped at the Nautilus just before Christmas and enjoyed some terrific fish and chips before heading into Two Cousins. We have seafood on the menu for New Year’s, so we’ll probably do it again this week! It never gets old.

kid with fish

Two Cousin’s Fish Market
255 Woodcleft Avenue
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 379-0793

For a recipe for a terrific Spanish-style mussel appetizer, made the night before and served cold,  visit Natalia’s blog, Hot, Cheap & Easy