Don’t Throw Out That Turkey Carcass!

I always make stock from any bird I cook. The liver goes in the freezer for the most delicious Tuscan meat sauce, a recipe I got from the New York Times years ago, and the bones go in a pot. I add a bay leaf, peppercorns (fewer are better) a piece of carrot, celery and a halved onion. Then I let it cook forever, reduce it and freeze it for a pasta fagioli later or some risotto. But I was inspired by Gabrielle Langholtz’s stock method, which she posted on Edible Manhattan. She throws in everything, even the plate scrapings and the last dregs from wine bottles. And I learned something: “The acidity [from the wine] adds extra flavor and helps leach calcium out of the bones and into your stock, leaving vitamins in the pharmaceutical dust.” Good to know!

Hopefully you’re still carving off the meat for sandwiches and the bones are still in the fridge.