DELIVERY: Oysters on Your Doorstep


Lucky me. I got to spend some time with Chris Quartuccio, CEO of Blue Island Oyster Company, for a story in our Winter 2014 issue. The company was started by Quartuccio in 1995 with the goal of bringing back the once-famous Blue Point oyster, which had graced the menus of the best seafood restaurants for years before a tragic die-off.

Satisfy your craving for fresh local oysters and let Blue Island ship directly to your home from West Sayville. Choose either genuine Blue Point oysters from Great South Bay or Naked Cowboy oysters, diver harvested from Long Island Sound. These oysters are shipped within hours of harvesting via FedEx in an insulated box with ice cold gel packs. Oysters are priced at about $72 per 48-count and are shipped at no charge (yes, you read that correctly—free shipping). For an additional $7, Blue Island will throw in a tried and true Morty the Knife Man oyster knife. (Shucking skills not up to snuff? No worries, as DC Culinarian will get you shucking with the best of them.) Order them online here.