Black Friday Duck, for Those Not Celebrating at Home

Makinajian Farm 2

I couldn’t be more thankful that my parents are still more than willing to continue to host our large—and growing—family for Thanksgiving dinner. I am truly blessed.

That being said, as a “guest” (guest is a loose figurative term as my siblings and I pitch in … in a big way!) and a home cook, I miss the leftovers and the aromas of the holiday in my own home. For this reason, on Black Friday (the mere idea of heading to a mall makes me cringe) I am going to stay home and roast something. There are much that can top the smell of roasting meat or poultry filling my kitchen. Since we will, no doubt, be turkeyed-out, I am thinking about heading over to Makinajian Farm in Huntington and picking up a duck. (Edible East End has some savory duck recipes.) Add some homemade cranberry sauce (I could eat cranberry sauce every day), mashed Long Island potatoes and maybe some Brussels sprouts (could eat these every day, too) and we will, once again, feast, this time at home.

On Saturday, I will make reservations, as it is my birthday. This home cook is going out for dinner.