Celebrate Día de los Muertos at Chichimecas in Farmingdale

muertos 2

“Without death there cannot be life.”

And with that, restaurateur Alejandro González plunges into our journey to the beyond. It starts in pre-Columbian Mexico with Olmecs and Toltecs, collides with the Spanish conquest of the Americas and continues right on up to today as the tradition of Day of the Dead—Día de los Muertos—adapts to every social, political and geographical upheaval it encounters. The dead will have their day. And they will eat. (Read the rest of Natalia de Cuba Romero’s story on Día de los Muertos in our Fall Issue.)

Diners at Alejandro González’s Chichimecas have an opportunity to experience the tastes, sights and sounds of this time-honored Mexican celebration of life this weekend. Their ofrenda is decorated, candles will be lit, and the sangria will be flowing. (I spied some Ilegal Mezcal, too!) The waitstaff’s faces will be painted, González promises he will play his guitar, and their menu of specials has been set. All you need to do is call for a reservation.

Pollo Guisado—chicken stew with potatoes, served with rice and beans.
Fish “Empapelado”—tilapia fillet cooked in its own juices, wrapped in banana leaves.
Pork al Pastor—pork filled with pineapple, served with rice and beans.
Mole Oaxaca—chicken breast covered with mole sauce, served with rice and corn tortillas.

169 Main St., Farmingdale, NY