History, Ghosts and Great Food Abound at Long Island Eateries – Part 3

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Grey Horse Tavern’s Iris

Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport was built in the late 1860s and was a tavern and livery. One of the famous stories surrounding the place from many years ago is, after a night of drinking, the owner of the old tavern would bring in his horse from the barn to have a drink at the bar. Current owners Irene Dougal and Linda Ringhouse have played upon that story by restoring the tavern to its former glory and decorating the place in a comfortable “horsey” motif.

This friendly neighborhood restaurant features local, seasonal American cuisine. Everything is made from scratch using the best ingredients possible. They grow their own herbs and lettuces, and their eggs are delivered weekly from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. They serve sustainable harvested seafood and meats, and use organic products when possible.

The ghost has been affectionately named Iris because many people have sensed a female presence in the building. Others have claimed that three spirits abound, including a maitre d’, who has been seen holding a towel over his arm. A staff member reported hearing singing in the employee bathroom when no one was there and doorknobs are known to fall off and break without any explanation. The day after Irene and Linda closed on the place in 2007, Linda was alone in the tavern and was trying to lift up the old carpeting to see if there were hardwood floors underneath. Her dog lay napping nearby. All of a sudden Linda looked up and saw a bright light coming down the staircase. Her dog saw it, too, and immediately jumped up and ran away. Since then, many orbs have been photographed there.