History, Ghosts and Great Food Abound at Long Island Eateries – Part 2

Fiorello Dolce Brosky

Fiorello Dolce Bakery’s Eddie

Fiorello Dolce bakery is a culinary treasure tucked away in Huntington Village. Owned by French Culinary graduate Gerard Fioravanti, Fiorello Dolce offers a wide array of French and Italian cakes, cookies, pies and pastries, and it also has an assortment of spirits. Its resident ghost is Eddie, a young black man who was murdered nearby during a drug-related fight. For reasons unknown, he has taken up residence in Gerard’s bakery. Eddie revealed himself to clairaudient medium and paranormal investigator Joe Giaquinto during a recent investigation. The story checked out to be true.

As for the paranormal experiences that have taken place, Gerard has heard his name being called when no one was there, pastry carts have rolled on their own, buckets have mysteriously fallen off shelves, and a wispy figure has been seen fleeting by. When Gerard closes up the bakery at night, the spirits come out to play in the form of orbs showing up on his surveillance camera. Round balls of light can be seen racing across his kitchen. Perhaps the spirits are excited about Gerard’s rich flourless chocolate cake or his incredible croissants, known to be the very best on Long Island. The aromatic sweet smell of sugar and chocolate permeate the upscale shop. If you were a ghost, wouldn’t you want to stay there?