Savor the Onset of the Fall Season With our Newest Issue of Edible Long Island


Summer vacations are fading into warm memories, work and school routines become the norm, the days get shorter, the nights longer and the holidays are approaching (yikes). However, there is no need to lament the end of nearly everyone’s favorite season (especially here on the island), as September heralds the beginning of one of our tastiest seasons. Farm stands are overflowing with corn, squash and leafy greens, home cooks are returning to their temporarily abandoned kitchens, grapes are being harvested in our East End vineyards, brewers are crafting their pumpkin ales and fall festivals abound.

In addition to the rich seasonal delectability of fall, I tend to equate the beginning of fall with the beginning of a new year. Resolutions and attempts at organization always feel more attainable now than in the chaos of January. With that frame of mind, I am proud to share our newest, and first print, issue of Edible Long Island, while introducing our readers to some new departments.

In this issue, “Community Table” visits the friendly bayside village of Sayville. Meander down Main Street and be struck by this village’s “combination of spirit, flavor and friendliness”.  From North Shore to South Shore, the Queens line to Riverhead look for “Community Table” in future issues, and be introduced to your good-natured and good-flavored neighbors.

“Ethnic Eats” will take you on culinary adventures right down the street. Paving the way is a story on the Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos. No need to go any further than Chichimecas Restaurant in Farmingdale to savor and experience the Mexican tradition of honoring their dead with food, decorations and song.

We have lots more to share, so pour yourself a mug of cider, glass of merlot or a pumpkin ale and make Edible Long Island a new part of your seasonal routine.

Betsy Davidson

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