Let’s Have This Baby

Joaquin Edward Thomas (Jet) Arellano

Joaquin Edward Thomas (Jet) Arellano

It is Labor Day afternoon and I have just sent the last story for this, our second (and first print) issue, to layout. I have been laboring over this issue all weekend (truth be told, the entire month of August), and much like the labor involved in giving birth to a child, this, too, has been a labor of love. From the moment Edible Long Island was a mere twinkle in my eye, six years ago, to its conception 18 months ago, I have felt like a proud and giddy mom-to-be. Enduring a gestation period similar to that of a dolphin gave me ample time to gather an accomplished and eclectic group of new friends, writers, photographers as well as my talented and stalwart photo editor, Doug Young. We have met up at farmers markets, teahouses, craft breweries, music festivals and eateries ranging from quickie lunch joints to restaurants with white tablecloths—even my own home. The interviews are completed, stories written, photos uploaded and our pre-birth prep work is now completed. The fall print issue of Edible Long Island is ready to be born.

In this issue we are introducing a handful of new “departments.” “Ethnic Eats” will take us on culinary adventures right in our own backyards, beginning with Natalia de Cuba Romero’s look at the Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos. Continuing the Mexican theme, we discover the colorful story behind John Rexer’s Ilegal Mezcal and learn how to make elote (Mexican street corn). Cristina Cosentino, in her column, “Freshly Picked,” is going to be introducing us to young people, like herself, who are scrapping more traditional jobs in lieu of getting their hands dirty and discovering where their food really comes from. North Shore to South Shore, Nassau to Suffolk, the map of Long Island is full of fascinating and tasty neighborhoods. “Community Table” will visit a different community in each issue, beginning with Su-Jit Lin-DeSimone’s profile of the friendly seaside village of Sayville.

Rounding out our fall issue, we highlight the upcoming NYC Food Film Festival, a taste-what-you-see-on-the-screen event, take a peek behind the scene at Relish in Kings Park and go in the kitchen with Guy Reuge of Mirabelle. We meet a nine-year-old who was feted at a White House dinner and a couple who fell in love on the L.I.R.R. and are living out their dreams, on the West Coast, making wine.

Ok, it’s time. Let’s have this baby.