It’s Not Too Late to Get a Share in a CSA

In the merry, merry month of May, you can still get a share of a CSA.

Craving the freshest food from Long Island’s farms? Consider making an investment in community supported agriculture or more simply, a CSA. Here’s how a traditional CSA works: In the early spring, when the farmer’s cash flow is ebbing, you purchase a share in the farm. In return, the farmer gets capital to start the growing year and you get a season’s worth of the freshest fruits and vegetables (some CSAs also offer eggs, cheese or meats) weekly. As an added bonus, you get to know the farmers, their growing practices, and you help ensure the future of farming on Long Island.

Traditionally, a weekly CSA box will be chock full of whatever fruits or vegetables are ripe for harvesting that week. You’ll eat like the farmer eats, seasonally. Lots and lots of greens will definitely inspire a home cook to get creative with dinnertime meal planning. Occasionally, a CSA box will be full of, say, garlic scapes or kohlrabi; then it might be time to check out sources such as WTF, CSA?” If vegetarian adventuring is not your thing, there are farms that offer shares in the form of credit. You purchase an agreed upon amount of credit and shop at the farm throughout the season, selecting exactly what your family wants for dinner that week.

Generally speaking, by the beginning of May, it is already be too late to purchase a CSA share for the current growing season. The hard working farmers blessedly sell out all of their available shares. Not so this year. There are still a handful of farms in Nassau and Western Suffolk counties that have a few available shares. CSA farm shares are going fast so act now, get to know your farmer and eat locally all season.


Hamlet Organic Garden (boxed weekly shares)

Fox Hollow Farm (weekly shares)
South Huntington

The Farm at St. Peter’s (boxed weekly shares)
Bay Shore

The Farm at St. Joseph (boxed weekly shares)

Sophia Garden (boxed weekly shares)

Crossroads Farm at Grossmann’s (credit/coupon book program)

Restoration Farm (credit/shopper’s share)
Old Bethpage